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Earthlight Pictures Filmmaking Teletraining


Earthlight Pictures’ innovative all-live TelAnimate(SM) videoconferencing system offers all students—regardless of city, state, or country—access to the same Earthlight Pictures Animation & Live-Action filmmaking courses otherwise available only through in-person classes on America’s West Coast.

TelAnimate(SM) is believed to be the world’s only college-level animation and video production training program, open to both youth and adults with real-time, all-see-all connections between instructor and classmates for all lessons, without reliance on pre-recorded lectures. Other than an alternative system for animation recording, the only major difference between TelAnimate(SM) and in-person instruction is that no one has to travel to train.

Live-action and animation teletrainees screen examples of studio and independent films from America and abroad, learn principles of cinematic storytelling, get face-to-face coaching via live video in the production of their own movies, and visit with guest artists through videoconference. Past videoconferences have presented filmmakers like independent animator Bill Plympton, directors Steve Martino (Horton Hears a Who) and Barry Cook (Mulan), and South Park producer Eric Stough

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