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The Earthlight Pictures Filmmaking Training guides students at all levels across the landscapes of animated and live-action motion picture production, and prepares them to make their own contributions to the field. Young people and adults regardless of age or school affiliation have access to film/video producer John Teton's comprehensive college-level production training in programs similar to those he has run at Otis College of Art and Design in Los Angeles and at San Francisco State University. (Click here for faculty info.)

In-person classes are offered to children, teens, and adults at locations in the Portland, Oregon area with additional summer sessions in Santa Barbara and Santa Monica, California. Earthlight Pictures Filmmaking Training, launched in 2007, is the world's only all-live, college-level, closed-circuit television animation training program for young people and adults direct to the desktop, regardless of location. Private lessons in both on-site and teletraining modes are available by arrangement.