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B’raesheet, an international award-winning animated film by John Teton

Influence of B’raesheet on Other Films

In both the 1973 and 2010 versions, B’raesheet is an animated setting of a piece of romantic orchestral music composed by a student of Rimsky-Korsakov featuring a humpback whale diving in galactic starlight associated with a stellar explosion, and was screened at Cal Arts and internationally many times on Showtime and The Arts Channel decades before the release of Fantasia 2000, which included a segment matching that same description (and which used the same music from B’raesheet in another segment).

The metamorphosing white line-on-black drawings of human embryonic development and similar animal evolution sequence in this 1973 film were mimicked in a virtually identical sequence included without permission in the 1980 PBS series Cosmos. (The producers of Cosmos had a 16-mm film copy of B’raesheet for several months during the development of that series.) That sequence was one of few from the original Cosmos series later included the 2013 Fox Television remake Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey. Click here for a comparison of key artwork employed in B’raesheet and Cosmos.

Likewise, the 2006 Academy Award-winning animated film The Danish Poet also mimicked the metamorphosing white line-on-black drawings of human embryonic development in two sequences virtually identical to the one originated in B’raesheet.


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