earth light pictures



Founded by producer and writer John Teton in the 1980s in California, Earthlight Pictures conducts a wide range of film, animation and writing activites.

John Teton was born in Chicago and earned degrees from Harvard and the San Francisco Art Institute. He has directed the films Thunder Head Clearing and B’raesheet and produced the cosmology film program Vision at T Minus Zero. He is the author of the novels The Book of Geezer, Appearing Live at The Final Test, Upsurge, and Elevation: The Cave Logs of New Hale, Tibet. He directs the campaign for the International Food Security Treaty (IFST), which arose from notes forUpsurge. He has presented the IFST at many events for major universities, United States Congressional briefings, and the for the NGO forum of the 2015 United Nations Conference on World Food Security, and has written numerous articles on the Treaty including On the Origin of a Hunger-Free Species for the Spring 2016 Harvard International Review and The Armless Hand He and his wife, Jennifer, live in California.