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John Teton's novel

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"ELEVATION is an adventure story and a love story, but above all it is the story of a spiritual quest…(and) socially conscious fiction at its best…"

Lucille Lang Day

From a cave high in the Himalayas, Terma Den Sherab, a Tibetan-American search-and-rescue ace, and Calieze Moss, a Roma-American artist, find they can boost the immunity to a virus that catalyzes evil in the souls of potential killers both far away and far too near. In ELEVATION they record their attempts to protect unwitting targets around the world, entangling their sensual partnership in life-or-death struggles as they discover that their futures and those of countless others are at stake.

"Read John Teton’s literary quality work of speculative fiction, ELEVATION…a journey to a higher plane, a place where our imagination creates an exciting new realm of what is humanly possible."

David Rottman
Past President, C. G. Jung Foundation of New York

"Virginia Woolf said that it is a rare gift in our days for a storyteller to be able to make us want to learn the end of the story. John Teton has that gift; as I read ELEVATION, I turned each page quickly and eagerly…"

Lawrence Rosenwald
Anne Pierce Rogers Professor Of English, Wellesley College