Appearing Live at the Final Test


Star Towers enlarge

The cover of Appearing Live at the Final Test was designed by author/filmmaker John Teton with graphic and layout work by digital artist Michael Ray Allison. The image incorporates two Hubble photographs from NASA and the Space Telescope Science Institute. Allison created the cosmic eye frame from a small portion of the the "edge-on" photo of spiral galaxy NGC 4013, roughly 55 million light-years beyond the constellation Ursa Major, of which the Big Dipper is a part.

The three “towers of star creation” on the left, used by Allison also as models for the transitional intermediate towers, are evaporating gaseous globules located in the Eagle nebula in the constellation Serpens, much closer to home at a distance of only 7000 light years.

A special enlarged photo art edition of the original full wraparound image of the cover, without the quotes and publishing and price data added on the back, is now available to the public on glossy C-grade photographic paper or as Chromira poster-sized prints.

The photo art edition of the cover to Appearing Live at the Final Test can be purchased in either of the following formats:
11" x 15" $15.00
16" x 22" $28.00
There is a $6 handling charge for each shipment. For further information, click HERE.