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“Teton’s larger-than-life novel has a terrific premise, full of mystery, humor, and Tesla-inspired gadgets that make the journey into space colorful and exciting. The action scenes have creations of astonishing scale and scope and are described vividly with mind-bending zeal.”

—Kirkus Reviews

Now available in print from Scarlet Tanager Books and in audiobook from Earthlight Pictures: John Teton’s new novel The Book of Geezer

In The Book of Geezertwenty-one year-old twins in Northern California get derailed from their ambitious career paths in art and science when their obsession with a mysterious elderly neighbor propels them to the inside of the sun and beyond. Putting a literary spin on speculative fiction, The Book of Geezer is a rollicking, dramatic whirl through interstellar space.  

The Book of Geezer is being published as a paperback, e-book, and limited hardcover edition by Oakland-based Scarlet Tanager Books. The paperback is available  from Small Press Distribution, online at Amazon or your favorite indie book dealer, and can be ordered through any bookstore. The limited hardcover edition is available from Earthlight Pictures. E-book and audio editions are expected to be available  in 2021. (Press Release from Mulford Media)

The audiobook of The Book of Geezer, published by Earthlight Pictures, is the latest novel from author and filmmaker John Teton. It may be found on Amazon at The-Book-of-Geezer as well as at Apple Audiobooks and at

(Prices may differ between these sites.)

The print novel and e-book formats are publications of Scarlet Tanager Books The paperback can be ordered from Amazon or your favorite bookstore. The limited hardcover edition ($30 with shipping free within the continental US) is available from Earthlight Pictures and may be ordered by e-mail to

Thunder Head Clearing


Winner of the Best Direction Award for animation at the 2018 Global India International Film Festival, the seven-minute film Thunder Head Clearing tells the story of a gathering of strangers drawn to a mysterious clearing in the woods, where a towering creation of light and power sweeps them up in an extraordinary series of events triggered by the International Food Security Treaty (



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